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Illustration and packaging design for Woodchuck Hard Cider. In collaboration with Smartfish    
My wife and I celebrating 2014!
Birthday party invitation for my lil cousin Logan
Illustration for Jackrabbit's Process page    In collaboration with Tazuko Sugajima and Jessica Barry    Jackrabbit Design's 404 error page  /  Created at Jackrabbit Design
Illustrations for self-promotional Halloween chocolate bars    Typography by Jessica Barry    In collaboration with Jackrabbit Design
Branding and identity for Belly Up Beer Company
Illustrations for Jackrabbit Design's self-promotional calendar
Holiday eCard for ABS Capital    Created at Jackrabbit Design
Friends' wedding portraits
Illustration for an eCard    Created at Jackrabbit Design
Illustration for Millipore Sigma    Created at Jackrabbit Design
Kid's menu for Red Heat Tavern    Created at Jackrabbit Design
Kid's menu for Abby Park    Created at Jackrabbit Design
Album packaging artwork for UGArtist
Illustrations for investment law firm Lucking LLC
Concert poster for The LE Project
Illustrations depicting how to use Narcan overdose prevention product
Painting for a friend
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